The No Bouquet

One of the more popular bridal bouquet trends over the past few years is to not have a bouquet. Brides are steering away from traditional floral bouquets for their wedding to choose more off beat ways to convey their style and personality. I love this idea as the bouquet holds a “spotlight position” and what a unique way for the bride to showcase her personal sense of style.

My friend Gina has a wicked, larger than life, fun loving personality. She speaks her mind and you know exactly who she is so her decision to go without a floral bouquet was completely the best fit for her.

Gina opted for this kick ass, brass knuckle clutch with skulls, a bit of bling and lace by Alexander McQueen.

Love! Love! Love!

alexander-mcqueen-clutch-skull-lace [1]

The clutch captured the essence of Gina and was the PERFECT choice for this fabulous lady!

alexander-mcqueen-clutch-skull-lace [2]

So don’t be afraid of breaking tradition, just go for it and rock your personal sense of style.

By the way Gina is also a very talented and amazing photographer with over 14 years experience in the business. You can check out her work at Gina Spanos to take a look at some of her fabulous photos!