The 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Planner for your Upcoming Wedding


Recent figures report that brides spend no less than 11 full hours per week working out the finer details of their wedding day, so it’s no surprise that the term ‘bridezilla’ has practically become an everyday saying! From arranging complex table plans to finding the best local vendors, wedding planning can be tiring and stressful work. Despite this, just one in three brides ask for help from a professional wedding coordinator. Here are 10 amazing benefits that the others are missing out on:

A Good Wedding Coordinator Can…

…Help Keep You Under Budget

There’s a common misconception that wedding planners are only necessary for big, expensive weddings where it’s near impossible to do all the planning yourself – not true! Believe it or not, hiring a wedding planner can be a financially savvy investment for all brides, and can even bring you in under budget. Wedding planners build up great relationships with local vendors, making them privy to the best deals available.

A good wedding coordinator may be able to save you between 5 and 10 percent off your event in total.

…Recommend the Best Local Vendors

Brides and grooms are hiring more vendors than ever before. Just a few years ago, it was a DJ, a caterer, a photographer, and a florist – simple. Today, we’re seeing photobooths, comedians and caricaturists and, according to surveys, around 13 percent of weddings now include a show cooking station! Wedding planners aren’t limited to reading online reviews for vendors – they’ve seen these vendors do their stuff first hand, and they’ve got insider knowledge. A good wedding coordinator can let you know who’s great, and who’s more suited to corny comedy on cruise ships.

…Prevent Conflict

Weddings are a time when two families come together as one – it’s truly magical – but there’s just something about the lead up to the wedding that causes people to turn a little crazy! Perhaps it’s the stress, perhaps it’s something in the celebratory champagnes, but don’t be surprised if your best friend, future mother-in-law, and brother all start to disagree over the color theme or the flower arrangements. As the bride, this isn’t something you should have to deal with. A good wedding coordinator can act as a buffer, resolving conflict and helping to keep everyone happy and calm on the big day.

…Do all the ‘Boring’ Bits

On the surface, weddings are fun, they’re exciting, they’re lively and energetic, but do you know what lies beneath all that? Mountains of paperwork! Very few brides stop to think about the administration side of things, and are shocked when they find themselves having to read and sign contracts, check and approve invoices, and reply to correspondence. Admin is a huge part of wedding planning, but if you can think of nothing more dull than filling out forms, why not entrust your wedding planner with this side of things? A good wedding coordinator can do all the hard work for you.

…Research Local Laws

Planning to get married abroad? Great! Destination weddings are a hot topic at the moment, but sometimes it’s not quite as easy as hopping off a plane and driving straight to the courthouse. Did you know, for example, that you need to have been in the Caribbean for at least 3 days before you can legally marry? That religious ceremonies only are not legally-binding in France? Or that you need to apply for a Notice of Intended Marriage form if tying the knot Down Under? A good wedding coordinator will research local laws, so there’s no nasty surprises on the day.

…Make Your Destination Wedding Stress-Free

If you’re having a destination wedding, you may opt to hire a local wedding planner, but you may not think about also hiring a wedding coordinator back home. However, this can make wedding planning a piece of cake. Home-based wedding planners can correspond with the planner at the destination, can assist in shipping any goods to the venue, and can help arrange for flights and transportation for friends and family, ensuring everyone gets there in one piece. A good wedding coordinator will go above and beyond, even when you’re marrying on a different continent!

…Assist in Making Difficult Decisions

Can’t decide between the purple or the pink chair covers? The yellow or the orange flowers? Only the bride and groom can make the ultimate decision, but what a wedding planner can do is help you to weigh up the pros and cons of each decision. Say you were striving for a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding. Wedding planners know the current trends, and could tell you that 30 percent of brides choose a blue colour theme, for example, so could suggest something more unusual and personal to you. A good wedding coordinator will advise, but not lecture.

…Suggest Creative Enhancements

Reports suggest that a more than a quarter of all brides begin wedding planning even before their partners have popped the question, so you may think you’ve been through every scenario, every possibility in your head. You haven’t. Wedding trends are changing constantly, and there’s always new and exciting ways to add character to an event. Wedding coordinators have seen what works, and what doesn’t, and can make some great suggestions that you might not have ever considered. A good wedding coordinator will help you make your wedding the best it could be.

…Solve any Last Minute Hiccups

No matter how meticulously you planned your wedding, there’s always a small chance that there will be a small hiccup on the day. It’s inevitable when trying to gather hundreds of guests together at the same time, in the same place. But as the saying goes, ‘it’ll be alright on the night’. Wedding coordinators are always prepared, and will have a long list of backup vendors, a plan in place for dealing with unexpected guests, and a tactic for dealing with grooms who get cold feet! A good wedding coordinator will make sure that the bride never finds out about these hiccups!

…Be a Shoulder to Cry On

Weddings are an emotional time, and it’s OK to take a moment to have a bit of a cry! Some brides try their best to keep their emotions in check in front of their friends and families – to show that they’re not nervous – but you don’t need to keep your guard up in front of your wedding planner. Wedding planners perform many different roles, and one is providing emotional support to the wedding party. After months, even years of planning, your big day is finally here – it’s ok to get a little teary! A good wedding coordinator will be there for you whenever you need them.