Stunning Venues

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Location! Location! Location!

Local or Destination? Indoor or Outdoor? Beach or Ballroom?

In this section I’m going to talk about all the amazing venues to have your wedding or event. Some that I’ve been lucky to have visited myself and others that I believe would be a great destination for a wedding or event.

When we were planning our wedding I was quite overwhelmed with all of the beautiful venues available to have our wedding. To keep it all straight I decided to make a Power Point Presentation with all my top choices to present to my then fiancée. I know it may sound a bit over the top and my friends find amusement in my need to be so organized but I think it helps to keep things straight! The presentation included pictures of the venues, costs and menu choices. We then sat down together and reviewed all the options and then made a decision together. For those clients who are still in the process of deciding on a venue we discuss what type of venue they are considering and the feel they are trying to create for the event. I then research options for them and then present to them the venues that I feel meets the style they are going for. I could spend hours just researching and looking at pictures of venues. The grounds, the décor, the architecture, the menus, I love it all!

With so many choices available it really is a tough decision to make and I hope that you are inspired by these stunning venues.

The venues will be posted on an ongoing basis so please come back for a visit to discover these gorgeous locations.