Marvelous Mini-Cupcakes

 IMG_2971I love to incorporate the diverse heritages of my clients into the finer details of the events. I think it’s such a great way to show respect to the families and thier cultures especially when working with inter-racial couples. There is such a sense of unity and family togetherness when bits and pieces from each side of the couples cultural backgrounds are celebrated.

For this couple who had a pre-wedding celebration at their home before they departed for their destination wedding we decided to have some fun and had Amy from Pink Penguin Cupcakes make these absolutely fabulous mini-cupcakes.


As the Bride is of Indian descent the flavours chosen to reflect her heritage were Mango Cardamom & Chai Ginger Honey. Can we say Deeeeeeelicious! I also sourced some images of Om & Ganesh online which Amy had transposed onto fondant decals and then placed on top of the mini-cupcakes.


To reflect the Groom’s Jamaican heritage the only choice could be something tropical and most definitely had to be laced with just a hint of Rum!  Wink! Wink! So the obvious choice was to select the Rum Pina Colada flavour! Fondant decals with heart shaped Jamaican flags were placed on the Caribbean inspired mini-cupcakes.


“What Makes Life so Sweet? Cupcakes to eat and Someone to Love.”
~ Marie Williams Johnstone