Hints of Bamboo – The After Party

Leni & Giacco wanted to share their magical day with all of their friends and family, but unfortunately their chosen wedding reception venue just wasn’t big enough to fit everyone in! With this in mind, we put our heads together and decided that the obvious solution was to hold a second party immediately following dinner. Why have one wedding celebration when you can have two?

The Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver offers a number of beautiful events rooms with spectacular views of the North Shore mountains. Leni & Giacco really wanted to make the most of the great midsummer weather and so chose the chic and modern terrace located directly outside the ballroom. The terrace is ideal for entertaining, with a lounge area and full bar accommodating both the guests who who had stayed and new guests just arriving to join in the evening fun.



Leni & Giacco really loved that this second party allowed them to show off more of their personality. While they opted for dark, rich tones for their classic indoor wedding reception, they lightened things up a bit for the after party, enhancing the outdoor environment with white hues and soft greens which gave a very relaxing, very natural feel. Each look was different and distinctly beautiful and yet the two halves of the wedding complemented each other perfectly. It was as if they just flowed together as one.  The amazing duo of Andy & Kim from the Wedding Design Studio did a fabulous job of bringing Leni & Giacco’s vision to life.


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Following the formalities of the ceremony and reception, this evening event was all about letting your hair down and having fun. Speciality drinks were served from the alfresco bar all night long, and tasty appetizers were offered to stave off their hunger pangs – all that dancing is hard work! The second wave of guests certainly had a great time and this ‘after party’ was definitely a big hit!

See more pics of this gorgeous event in our gallery section:

Hints of Bamboo – The After Party