Custom Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are an easy way to personalize your wedding without have to spend a lot of money.  Messages on chalk boards, painted wood signs, burlap, picture frames and foam core are just some of the ways to display personal sentiments to your guests.

Wedding expenses can easily creep up on you so to help alleviate some of the costs I make custom signs for my clients when I am able to do so.  I’m not a graphic artist by any means but I am quite handy with PowerPoint and I do my best to create signs that fit the theme and style of the couple.

I created the photo booth sign below for an upcoming wedding reception.  Still deciding on how I’m going to print and display – framed or on foam core are the two options I’m contemplating.


Below are some creative wedding signs that I hope to incorporate into future weddings or events.

Framed Signs

wedding-framed- sign-2Love the message in the picture above!  Seen on Wedding Chicks.

wedding-framed-sign-1Above image found on MOD Wedding.

 Burlap Signs

wedding-burlap-sack-banner-3Above image found on Loverly.

wedding-burlap-sack-banner-4Above image found on Beauty Moves Me.

wedding-burlap-sack-banner-5Above image found on Charming Decor.

Wood Signs

wedding-wood- sign-2Above image found on Intimate Weddings.

wedding-wood- sign-1Above image found on Wedding Bells.

Chalkboard Signs

wedding-chalkboard-sign-2Hand written Signature Drink menu on chalk board. Above image found on the Aisle Planner.

wedding-chalkboard-sign-1Above image found on Southern Weddings.

wedding-chalkbaord-sign-4What a fun sign!  Above image found on Rustic Wedding Chic.

wedding-chalkbaord-sign-3This is very sweet.  Above image found on The Lovely Find.

Cardboard Signs

wedding-cardboard-sign-2 Above image found on The Wedding Mile.

wedding-cardboard-sign-1Above image found on The Huffington Post.