Ten Beautifully Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Hand painted wedding cakes are a popular trend for 2015.  Elements from your wedding day can be incorporated into the design of your cake and inspiration can be taken from your decor, wedding attire, table linens, flowers, there are so many possibilities.  See below for ten wedding cake works of art!

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Marvelous Mini-Cupcakes

 IMG_2971I love to incorporate the diverse heritages of my clients into the finer details of the events. I think it’s such a great way to show respect to the families and thier cultures especially when working with inter-racial couples. There is such a sense of unity and family togetherness when bits and pieces from each side of the couples cultural backgrounds are celebrated.

For this couple who had a pre-wedding celebration at their home before they departed for their destination wedding we decided to have some fun and had Amy from Pink Penguin Cupcakes make these absolutely fabulous mini-cupcakes.


As the Bride is of Indian descent the flavours chosen to reflect her heritage were Mango Cardamom & Chai Ginger Honey. Can we say Deeeeeeelicious! I also sourced some images of Om & Ganesh online which Amy had transposed onto fondant decals and then placed on top of the mini-cupcakes.


To reflect the Groom’s Jamaican heritage the only choice could be something tropical and most definitely had to be laced with just a hint of Rum!  Wink! Wink! So the obvious choice was to select the Rum Pina Colada flavour! Fondant decals with heart shaped Jamaican flags were placed on the Caribbean inspired mini-cupcakes.


“What Makes Life so Sweet? Cupcakes to eat and Someone to Love.”
~ Marie Williams Johnstone

Touches of India – The Wedding Cake

Choosing the perfect wedding cake can be fun but quite the task. Not only do these works of art take center stage as they are displayed gloriously in their magnificence at the reception but they have to taste good too!

A lot of thought goes into the design of the wedding cake. The theme of the wedding, the flowers or the brides wedding attire are just some of the things taken into consideration when designing the wedding cake.

For this wedding reception as a surprise for the Bride, I had Nilanthi of Miracle Cakes design the wedding cake with elements from the Bride’s gorgeous bridal attire.

The bride chose this fabulous deep green lengha with gold and hot pink for her wedding reception.


We decided not to use the deep green color of the lengha for the primary color of the cake but instead opted to use gold which is a symbol of purity, prosperity and very good fortune in Indian culture.

We then incorporated the green & hot pink colors of the lengha into the wedding cake.

Nilanthi was also able to recreate the design of the gold appliques in the lengha on to the cake.

wedding cake-gold-green-pink

The end result was this beautiful and elegantly designed cake that was also simply delicious!

wedding cake-gold-green-pink [1]

I was completely blown away to learn Nilanthi had just taken up cake decorating a few years ago and taught herself the art of cake design from instructional books she had purchased.     Her passion for cake design is quite evident and you can see why I’m so awe struck by her amazing creations on her website Miracle Cakes .