Rose Balls

I was planning a wedding for a couple on a limited budget and had to think of creative but inexpensive ways to create the wedding of their dreams. The wedding & reception would both be held outside and we needed to come up with some ideas to decorate the tents.

I was thrilled when I found these rose balls at the Dollarama! The best part was the quality of the rose balls, not only did they look great but they were also such a reasonable price.

rose-balls-wedding-decor [1]

As each store only carries a limited quantity I did have to drive to 6 different locations in the Lower Mainland but at such a great price it was well worth it!

We decided to hang the rose balls at alternating heights around the perimeter, so I purchased ribbon cut them into different lengths and attached the ribbon to the rose balls.

rose-balls-wedding-decor [2]

The end result was sweet and simple but also very elegant.

rose-balls-wedding-decor [3]