Fabulous Fall Bridal Bouquets

I love the colors of Fall!

One of my favourite times of the year is when the leaves start to change color to the rich and vibrant hues of yellows, oranges, reds & purples.  For me it’s time to bring on the Spiced Pumpkin Latte and a reminder that Halloween & Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

It’s a wonderful time of year to have a wedding as the colors of Fall make such a glamorous statement and add that hint of luxury to an event.

See below 10 amazing Fall Bridal Bouquets sure to stand out at your Fall Wedding.

fall-bridal-bouquet [1] fall-bridal-bouquet [2] fall-bridal-bouquet [3] fall-bridal-bouquet [4] fall-bridal-bouquet [5] fall-bridal-bouquet [6] fall-bridal-bouquet [7] fall-bridal-bouquet [8] fall-bridal-bouquet [9] fall-bridal-bouquet [10]

Sunny Yellow Bouquets

Summer is just around the corner and nothing better invokes the feeling of the season than the color yellow!

See below some bright and sunny yellow bouquets perfect for a Summer wedding.

wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [2]

wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [1]  wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [3] wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [4] wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [5] wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [6] wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [7] wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [8] wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [9] wedding-bridal-bouquet-yellow [10]



Winter Wedding Bouquets

Having a Winter Wedding?  This would be the perfect time to have an all white themed wedding.  I’ve searched the web for wintry bouquets that would fit perfectly with a white wedding and here are my Top 10 picks. Hope you are inspired by these enchanting bouquets.

winter-wedding-bouqet [3]

Cotton is used in the bouquet below to create the effect of snow.  An unusual but perfect choice to create texture.winter-wedding-bouqet [1]

The soft greys used  in the following bouquets create an icy, cool wintry feel.winter-wedding-bouqet [6]

winter-wedding-bouqet [10]

winter-wedding-bouqet [2]

winter-wedding-bouqet [4]

winter-wedding-bouqet [9]

Soft pink & cream flowers against the icy gray of the leaves & berries create a great contrast.winter-wedding-bouqet [7]

What can be more perfect than acorns to remind us of winter?

winter-wedding-bouqet [5]

The soft yellows, cream and gold used in this bouquet would play perfectly against an all white backdrop.

winter-wedding-bouqet [8]

Purple Bouquets

Picture1 (2)

I’ve always been a pink girl myself and for me purple would never been an option.  But then I read this post on the Exclusively Weddings Blog  – Your Wedding Color – Purple and have a new found appreciation for this magnificent & luxurious color!

Purple truly has that wow factor as you can see from the selection of bouquets below that I found on Pinterest.  Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did!



The No Bouquet

One of the more popular bridal bouquet trends over the past few years is to not have a bouquet. Brides are steering away from traditional floral bouquets for their wedding to choose more off beat ways to convey their style and personality. I love this idea as the bouquet holds a “spotlight position” and what a unique way for the bride to showcase her personal sense of style.

My friend Gina has a wicked, larger than life, fun loving personality. She speaks her mind and you know exactly who she is so her decision to go without a floral bouquet was completely the best fit for her.

Gina opted for this kick ass, brass knuckle clutch with skulls, a bit of bling and lace by Alexander McQueen.

Love! Love! Love!

alexander-mcqueen-clutch-skull-lace [1]

The clutch captured the essence of Gina and was the PERFECT choice for this fabulous lady!

alexander-mcqueen-clutch-skull-lace [2]

So don’t be afraid of breaking tradition, just go for it and rock your personal sense of style.

By the way Gina is also a very talented and amazing photographer with over 14 years experience in the business. You can check out her work at Gina Spanos to take a look at some of her fabulous photos!

Pretty Pastels

Pastel bouquets have been a big trend for the past couple of years and I’m still infatuated with these pretty  bouquets.  The soft blush colors of these gorgeous bouquets are romantic, timeless and add that extra touch of elegance.

 pastel-wedding-bouquets-[3] paste_wedding_bouquet [9]    pastel_wedding-bouquets [8]  pastel-wedding-bouquets- [4] pastel-wedding-bouquets-[1] pastel-wedding-bouquets-[2]

pastel_wedding_bouquet [6]

pastel_wedding_bouquets [5]pastel_wedding_bouquet [7]

pastel-wedding-bouquets [10]