Bollywood Rouge Indian Bridal Style Shoot

So excited that my first effort of being the creative director of a  style shoot is being featured on South Asian Bride Magazine!

I was aiming for a modern but somewhat eclectic Indian bridal style shoot with elements of non-traditional and traditional Indian culture to give a clean but classical feel.  The colors of the bridal lengha in the traditional red & gold and non-traditional black inspired the look of the shoot.

indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga [1]indian-wedding-reception-gold-black-red-hydrangeas-roses-ganesh [3]

Found these chargers at Michael’s and spray painted them gold to match the theme.
Used an Indian font for the table # & place cards.
Self adhesive bindis were added to the table # & menus.
Indian design earrings were used to adorn the napkins.
Found the votive holders at a Dollar Store and spray painted them gold.
indian-wedding-reception-gold-black-red-hydrangess-roses-ganesh [4]
indian-wedding-reception-gold-red-black-hydrangeas [5]
indian-wedding-reception-gold-red-black-garland-mala [6]
My first attempt to make a Mala (Garland).
Mala was made of carnations the traditional element and black feathers the non-traditional element
Spray painted the carnations with a floral spray paint to match the Bridal outfit.
A feather boa was cut into smaller pieces to incorporate the color black.
indian-wedding-reception-gold-red-black-ganesh-hydrangeas [7]
Spray painted white hydrangeas with a floral spray paint.
Ganesh decals were made to decorate the vases.
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga [8]
indian-wedding-reception-gold-red-black-hydrangeas-roses [9]
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga-10indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga-paper-flower-wall [11]
indian-wedding-reception-gold-red-black-hydrangeas-roses-mala-garland [12] Long stem wine glasses in a gold ombre were used for the Bride & Groom table settings.
indian-wedding-reception-gold-red-black-hydrangeas-roses [13]
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga [14]
indian-bride-red-gold-black-lehenga [15]
indian-bride-red-gold-black-lehenga [16]
indian-bride-gold-black-red-lehenga [17]
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga-paper-flower-wall [18]
indian-bride-red-gold-black-lehenga [19]
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga-paper-flower-wall [20]
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This shot of our beautiful model Shyna Kanda.
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga-paper-flower-wall [21]
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga-paper-flower-wall [22]
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga [23]
indian-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga [24]
indain-bride-gold-red-black-lehenga [24]